Commercial use

  • extended shelf life resulting in enhance export potential
  • due to extended shelf live recall will be limited, reducing transport cost and disposable cost
  • the cost of the insert is offset by an increase in yield through accurate filling and elimination of over-fill losses and automated increased packing speed
  • inserts have unique locking system preventing lateral movement and twisting
  • an auto-capper can be used without production stoppages due to breakages
  • the ViscoDisc will not insert correctly if the jars are over or under filled
  • ViscoDisc assume three dimensional shape on insertion
  • the bottled produce levels are uniform and constant, resulting in a professional shelf display

The ViscoDisc™ inserts hygienically and effectively, solved the perennial question on how to keep bottled produce below its preserving liquid, thus preventing oxidation while retaining freshness and colour.
The ViscoDisc™ inserts are easy to insert and remove from jars and are anchor-restraining devices that prevent lateral and vertical movement. The stabilising feature of the ViscoDisc™ inserts means that the inserts will not float, tilt or dislodge during packing and in transit.
Two different bottle inserts have been designed to cater for different applications. In addition, a larger insert, known as the ViscoDisc™”drum” insert, has been developed to assist with the pickling process in 210 litre or 240 litre plastic drums.