Applications and Development

The ViscoDisc inserts present a perfect example of practical ingenuity. The devices can benefit any bottler of fresh produce, which is packed in a preserving liquid, such as fruit, pickled vegetables and atchaars, but also has application in a host of other industries which utilise containers to store or protect their product.

As an example, the ViscoDisc insert has great tamperproof potential, is effective for rattle prevention and is ideal for preventing fragile products from moving freely in a container, as is required in the pharmaceutical industry.

Salvatek’s research and development department is constantly striving to develop its product range and search for new applications, and have conducted extensive trials in this regard. The inserts can be tailor-made to suit numerous applications in the industrial and pharmaceutical market, with container sizes ranging from a 270 ml glass jar to a 240 litre plastic drum.

Testimony to this is the development of the ViscoDisc “soft and hard” inserts which cater for soft, compressible produce on the one hand and for firmer produce which cannot be compacted or where produce could bruise easily, on the other. The ViscoDisc™ “hard” insert also has an application where containers do not have a conventional “neck and shoulders” profile such as bottles with sloping shoulders. Similarly, the development of the ViscoDisc™ “drum” insert caters for the pickling of produce in large drums by keeping the produce below the preserving liquid.

The ViscoDisc inserts have already made an impact in the packaging world and look set to become a benchmark in this industry.

Solutions Driven

Salvatek sees a need to provide an all-encompassing solution by partnering with its clients. To this end and in collaboration with a South African engineering company, it has developed inserters versatile enough to be incorporated into any automated bottling line.
Hand-held and semi-automatic lever operated inserters have been developed for the medium to small manual bottling operations.