About us

ViscoDisc™ is a South African innovation designed and developed to solve a packaging problem. It has successfully achieved its objectives, with a string of added bonus benefits that puts this simple looking invention into a class of its own.

This product is the ViscoDisc™ insert, which has been very successful in solving the perennial question of how to stop bottled produce from protruding above its preserving liquid.

An original team of eight people from different walks of life joined forces and used their unique blend of skills and expertise to solve a customer’s problem. The result was the design of a hugely innovative product that is set to become the benchmark in the bottled produce industry throughout the world.

The original ViscoDisc™ insert was immediately recognised by the South African packaging industry, winning silver medals in both the components and export categories of the prestigious Institute of Packaging SA – Gold Pack Awards 2005 Competition. To cap that achievement, it was presented with a 2005 World Star for innovative packaging from the World Packaging Organisation.

Since then, the design team has come up with several variations of the ViscoDisc™ insert to cater for the different requirements in the bottling and pickling industries.

The originally designed ViscoDisc™ insert was found to have greater application in the bottling of soft, compressible produce such as piquant peppers and other members of the capsicum range. This insert has come to be known as the ViscoDisc™ “soft” insert. A second insert, known as the ViscoDisc™ “hard” insert, was designed to cater for the bottling of hard, firm produce such as pickled onions, olives, gherkins and beetroot. A third insert, the ViscoDisc™ “drum” insert, has been designed for the pre-bottling storage of produce in drums.

These inserts are novel solutions which embody practical functionality and ingenuity. The increased yield achieved in bottling operations through more accurate filling and the resultant elimination of over-fill losses more than compensates for the cost of the ViscoDisc™ insert. In fact, the use of the ViscoDisc™ insert translates into increased profitability and a better margin.