Home use

  • ViscoDisc inserts are manufactured to an ISO 22 000 standard in an ISO 22 000 certified factory
  • ViscoDisc is a stable FDA approved HDPE diaphragm that hygienically and effectively prevents the contents of jars from protruding above the preserving liquid
  • it locks securely into the neck of the jar
  • dramatically improves the shelf life of your produce
  • it ensures consistent and uniform fill levels
  • ViscoDisc is easy to insert manually with the hand inserter
  • you will get extended preservation of your produce with no oxidation and spoilage
  • you can use it as a liquid draining device, no more splashes and stains
  • it is recyclable

Easy to insert

Easy to remove

JN 3435 Visco Disc Web illustration V1 Final 05
JN 3435 Visco Disc Web illustration V1 Final 06
JN 3435 Visco Disc Web illustration V1 Final 07

Bottled produce relies on being immersed in a preserving liquid (normally brine, vinegar or oil). However, a problem arises when the suspended and floating produce pushes the upper most produce above the preserving liquid, and these pieces are then exposed to the air in the neck of the jar. This can lead to oxidation, degradation and discolouration of your produce, resulting in loss.